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Endo·dna Collection Kit + Endo·Decoded Report

Endo·dna Collection Kit + Endo·Decoded Report

If you’ve never completed a DNA test, we have a complete, easy-to-use DNA collection kit with instructions and a pre-paid return mailer. Simply collect your saliva at home with the enclosed swab and your personalized Endo·Decoded results will be available in approximately 4 weeks.
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  • DNA Test Collection Kit with swab
  • Step-by-step collection instructions
  • Pre-paid return mailer
  • U.S. based CLIA Certified Laboratory DNA endo·compatibility analysis
  • Secure and personalized account on
  • HIPAA compliant and AWS secure
  • Full Endo·Decoded report
  • 57 different genetic Trait Reports in 12 different categories
  • Wellness plans
  • Endo·Aligned cannabinoid ratio and terpene profile suggestions
  • Endo·Aligned product matching in your state
  • Potential drug interactions
  • Administration suggestions
  • Automatic, lifetime updates as research becomes available